Why Get an AC Serviced by Professionals?

When Should You Get Your Air Conditioner Serviced by Professionals?

Quality air conditioning systems these days are generally very durable if taken care of. With a little DIY, you can enjoy cool air without issues for a long period of time. In an office environment especially, AC systems needs to be kept clean, so they continue to pump fresh air to hard working employees.

But, how do you know when an AC unit needs professional attention. It’s tempting to try and save cash and just do maintenance checks yourself. While it is great to keep an eye on your AC, only licensed air conditioning engineers should complete a full service.

Why Get Your AC Serviced?

Air conditioners contain coils, filters, fins and other small components that need to be maintained to keep running efficiently. Neglecting these essential parts means dirt, dust and grime builds up, lowering the efficiency of the system. As the AC struggles, it finds it hard to do its job and the air pumped out will be minimal.

How Often Should an AC Have a Professional Service?

Expert opinion says servicing your AC unit at least once a year is recommended. If you have a business with multiple units working continually, twice yearly is a better option.

DIY Checks For Your Air Conditioning System

To prolong the useful life of your air conditioning units, perform regular maintenance yourself. It’s recommended to check over your AC unit at least once a month. Follow these simple checks:

1.Clean the Dirty Air Filter

Cleaning a dirty air filter is simple and one of the most important jobs to keep your AC healthy. Simply locate the filter slot, slide it out and slip another one in. Refer to your systems manufacturer instructions to ensure you replace correctly. If you have pets, the filter may need changing monthly. If not, just a good dust each month and a full change every few months may suffice.

2.Perform a Light Clean

Dust the air vents of your AC, so air can flow through without restrictions. Often, this is all that is needed to fix a struggling air conditioning system. It’s also worth checking over the condensing unit which normally sits outside the property. Remove any obvious obstructions such as leaves and twigs that may slow the system down.

3.Asses the Air Flow

The strength of the airflow from your AC tells you whether it is functioning well. If it feels weak and you find no obstructions in the condensing unit, this suggests the unit needs attention from an air conditioning specialist.

4.Check for Corrosion

It’s recommended to check over your AC regularly for corrosion and rust. A small amount on the outside can be painted over. But, if rust has started to show on inside parts, it’s better to get a professional to check over the system.

Getting into a routine of checking over your AC will prolong its useful life. However, never forgo a once yearly professional checkup. The small price you pay for professional maintenance will save on repairs further down the line.