Our Aircon Services

Simply Cool are air conditioning installation and maintenance specialists servicing Queensland’s Sunshine Coast region. We supply, install, service and repair a comprehensive range of air conditioning systems to suit all residential and commercial needs.

[toggle_readmore wrapper=”span” contact_button=”true” contact_link=”tel:54405431″]We offer outstanding customer service at Simply Cool – no job is too big or too small. We have over 55 years combined experience working on large commercial heating and cooling systems, right down to the air conditioning unit in your living room! At Simply Cool we know that a well maintained air conditioning system makes all the difference when it comes to efficient cooling and heating for a comfortable living and working environment. Our professional team of qualified air conditioning technicians are equipped to carry out all necessary repairs, service and preventative maintenance work on all cooling and heating systems for your home or business.[/toggle_readmore]



Simply Cool air conditioning services will design and install the best climate control solution to suit your home or business, using reliable systems from the Daikin range. For residential air conditioning – heating and cooling your home throughout the year – we install simple split system air conditioning solutions, right through to advanced climate control using multi-head, ducted or cassette systems. Depending on the size and layout of your home, we will recommend the most efficient system to keep your home comfortable for the lowest possible cost.

[toggle_readmore wrapper=”span” contact_button=”true” contact_link=”tel:54405431″]For commercial office space, multi-level residential buildings, schools, retail space and restaurants, our team of qualified installation technicians are fully accredited to design and install commercial ducted air conditioning systems, roof-top packaged systems, bulkhead and multi-head systems that efficiently heat and cool large areas.[/toggle_readmore]


A preventative air conditioning maintenance program ensures that your system is running efficiently, saving you money on running costs and catching any potential problems before they occur. Maintenance of your air conditioning system in your home or business is also very important for the health and well-being of your family and business employees.

[toggle_readmore wrapper=”span” contact_button=”true” contact_link=”tel:54405431″]Simply Cool provide maintenance services on all types of cooling and heating systems to ensure efficient operation and a healthy living and working climate, while also helping to extend the life of your system. Maintenance services include cleaning and sanitising components such as filters and covers, inspection and cleaning of condensers, flushing drains and assessing air-flow and temperature control. For safety and efficient operation, we also inspect all electrical wiring and motors, measure refrigerant gas levels and inspect ductwork. Whether at your home or business, our service technicians are courteous and efficient, and we always take the time to clean up after every job to avoid any disruption to your day.[/toggle_readmore]



Air conditioning systems that are older or not regularly maintained are susceptible to breakdown. This issue may be as simple as a blockage or leak, or may be a more complicated and serious problem such as electrical malfunction or breakdown of an essential part. One of our expert air conditioning technicians will thoroughly investigate and diagnose potential faults with your system and then discuss your best options for repairs or possible replacement.

[toggle_readmore wrapper=”span” contact_button=”true” contact_link=”tel:54405431″]Our team are trained to identify and assess issues such as; refrigerant gas leaks and ducting or water leaks; thermostat, control and electrical parts failure; blocked condensate drains; and compressor or fan motor faults. Simply Cool provide repair services on Daikin air conditioning systems, and all major brands in both residential and commercial application.[/toggle_readmore]